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EcoPro 2019

EcoPro 2019

It’s Yasu! The other day, I went to Eco Pro 2019!

EcoPro is an exhibition held for all stakeholders with the aim of solving environmental and social issues. At EcoPro, there are many events that can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to adults, and you can enjoy learning about environmental and social issues and corporate efforts to address them. I was impressed by the fact that each company is focusing on solving environmental and social issues, and that they are trying to solve environmental and social issues while growing steadily.

In addition, at each company’s booth, if you participated in quizzes and questionnaires, you could receive luxurious prizes! The photos show the prizes we received in one day. (The red cat and purple masking tape were purchased by myself, but other than that, it’s free!) )

This year’s EcoPro has come to an end, but don’t worry! EcoPro will be held again next year! EcoPro 2020 will be held on 11/26 (Thu) ~ 11/28 (Sat). This is an event that can be enjoyed by both those who are interested in environmental issues and those who are not, so please visit and use it as an opportunity to think carefully about the environment.


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