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Report on the exchange meeting

It’s the season when hay fever gets especially bad.
How is everyone doing?

A event was held on March 17 at San San Lab Future.

The six presenters gave presentations on their areas of expertise, and the facilitators led each group in a discussion of the agenda that they had prepared in advance.

It would be difficult to imagine it in writing, so we will use the following photos to show you what we mean!

〜List of Themes and Speakers〜
(1)Speaker: Yuta Hozumi, "Invasive Species Conservation and Biodiversity" 
(2)Speaker: Manki, "Marine Pollution" 
(3)Speaker: Eiji Sanjo, "Organic Waste Converted into Fertilizer without Burning, About Rape Blossom Plan" 
(4)Speaker: Akira Fukasawa, "Upsetting, 3R, Recycling Waste, Nature Positive, and Waste Disposal" 
(5)Speaker: Yuto Sakihawa, "The Vacant House Problem"
(6)Speaker: Naoki Okano, "Food Issues"
Top Batter’s Presentation!
Yuta Hozumi

The gathering of people active in various fields led to a heated discussion!

At the end, we took a group photo!

Group photo

Next Event Announcement

We will be exhibiting and helping out at the Tamagawa Takashimaya event on March 23 and 24 (Saturday and Sunday).
If you are able to make it, please come and join us!

Date: March 23 (Sat.) and 24 (Sun.), 2024 
Place: Arena Salon, 1F, West Building, Tamagawa Takashimaya S-C
Supported by: Ministry of the Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment, Setagaya Ward, German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan


Exhibit at「Connection Marche!」

Hello everyone.
On Saturday, March 2, “Tsunagari Marche” was held at the Cooperative Station Chuo in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.


There are many people working to improve people’s lives through welfare, art, childcare, community development, and other activities.The Marche that the Foundation opened this time was an event that created a match between such activities and people who want to start social contribution activities and organizations that want to find partners.This allowed us to further expand the “horizontal connections” that the foundation has set forth. More than 30 NPOs, communities, and companies exhibited at this year’s Marche, introducing their activities and soliciting various applications.



Website of the sponsor:https://kyodo-station.jp/mihonichi2023


Youth Econet Members’ Networking Meeting

The first Youth Econet exchange meeting was held on October 19th! The guest speakers were Professor Ryoichi Yamamoto, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, and Mr. Tomoaki Nishihara, who introduced their books and told us various stories.

Since this is only the first time, the number of Youth and the number of observers are almost the same. As a result, it was difficult for the youth to speak up in the discussion, but we will try to make it easier for them to interact next time.

This time, we held an exchange meeting at the Bachelor’s Hall. We listened to Dr. Yamamoto’s lecture and had a light dinner while listening to Mr. Nishihara’s talk and having a discussion. This time, we mainly discussed the world’s stance on environmental issues and Japan’s attitude toward environmental problems.

This is only the first exchange meeting, so I hope to increase the number of people, themes, and topics in the future!



EcoPro 2019

It’s Yasu! The other day, I went to Eco Pro 2019!

EcoPro is an exhibition held for all stakeholders with the aim of solving environmental and social issues. At EcoPro, there are many events that can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to adults, and you can enjoy learning about environmental and social issues and corporate efforts to address them. I was impressed by the fact that each company is focusing on solving environmental and social issues, and that they are trying to solve environmental and social issues while growing steadily.

In addition, at each company’s booth, if you participated in quizzes and questionnaires, you could receive luxurious prizes! The photos show the prizes we received in one day. (The red cat and purple masking tape were purchased by myself, but other than that, it’s free!) )

This year’s EcoPro has come to an end, but don’t worry! EcoPro will be held again next year! EcoPro 2020 will be held on 11/26 (Thu) ~ 11/28 (Sat). This is an event that can be enjoyed by both those who are interested in environmental issues and those who are not, so please visit and use it as an opportunity to think carefully about the environment.


1st Youth Econet Committee Meeting

It’s Yukki!

Today, we held a Youth Econet Committee meeting at the Bachelor’s Hall!

We decided on the committee members who would be in charge of each of them based on their areas of interest. We also confirmed the schedule of future events. I wonder where I will see you all next year…!

We are planning an opportunity to interact with them again! Please look forward to more information ^^


2nd Youth Econet Committee Meeting

Nice to meet you, I’m De Niro!
On February 9th, the second meeting of the Youth Econet Committee was held!
Several reassuring members joined the group, and one by one, they introduced themselves and decided which committee members would be in charge. I have a feeling that we will be able to exchange information in a wide range of fields, from forests, oceans, regional development to materials research! Exciting!
At the same time, it became clear that there is still room for debate on how to conduct public relations, and the real work as a team is about to begin!


Youth Econet Committee August

Typhoon season has arrived.
Although it was raining today due to the typhoon, Nine committee members participated, including observers and online.The main theme is the use of the website.
Yes, as a result of the discussion, I am making this post.
In the future, I would like to actively disseminate information! I have heard that the members of the committee are also involved in various activities on a regular basis. I want to report on my activities here! Those who say that are welcome.
In addition, we plan to improve the contents of the homepage little by little in the future. I would be happy if you could notice what has changed…!
The committee meets once a month, and I feel that the conversation progresses faster when we talk in real time and think together than when we communicate only with text. I always think on the way home that we talked a lot today.

The topic that caught my attention today was how to start a committee. It tends to be a bit formal. I have to think about how to cut in to relieve everyone’s tension and make it easier to talk… If you have any great ideas, I’d love to hear from you. I’m excited to see what kind of committee will be next month!


We will exhibit at EcoPro 2021!

Eco Pro 2021 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on December 8, 9, and 10 next week!
And Youth Econet will also exhibit Youth Eco Hiroba!
The location is right in front of the event stage (East Hall 3, 3-058).
At Youth Eco Hiroba, there will be a poster exhibition and table talk!
Please come and visit us!

*Pre-registration is required for admission.
Pre-registration URL: https://sdgs.nikkeineon.jp/registration


The first day of EcoPro 2021!

Today, December 8th, was the first day of EcoPro 2021!
I was nervous about whether customers would come to the booth, but I was happy to see so many people.
The poster exhibition was covered by elementary and junior high school students who had been visiting the exhibition since the morning as part of a field trip.
It seems that each group decided on a theme in advance and researched it, and I was nervous about whether I could properly answer all the questions that were asked.
We have also received a lot of comments on the place where we post our impressions of the booth!

In the first table talk, we talked about environmental activities and regional cooperation based on three case studies.
I learned a lot from the people who participated in the assignment by listening to their ideas that they would like to use as a reference for future activities.

In the second table talk, the committee members talked about environmental activities as the most fun and cool in the world.
I thought that it would be the best way to convey to the younger generation, who are not interested in the environment, and it would be a good starting point, and it was a story that I sympathized with from beginning to end.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow’s table talk workshops will also be attractive, so please come to booth 3-058 “Youth Eco Hiroba”!

(Table talk workshop schedule)

*Pre-registration is required for admission.
Pre-registration URL:https://sdgs.nikkeineon.jp/registration


The 3rd Youth Econet meetup will be held

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other! The world is restless, but how are you doing?
As the end of this fiscal year approaches, we have decided to hold the 3rd Youth Econet meetup!
We will rent the same 3×3 Lab Future as last year as the venue and will hold it on March 27th.

It is very different from the keynote speech & discussion format of the first and second sessions, and the third session focuses on communication between youth! It will be held in conjunction with Zoom. We are currently making steady preparations!

If you are interested, please contact us!