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Earth Day Tokyo @Yoyogi Park

It’s the season where you can feel the warmth of spring.

We exhibited at “Earth Day Tokyo 2024@Yoyogi Park”!

This time, we held a joint exhibition with GRAF, a general incorporated association.

GRAF, a general incorporated association, is an organization that works to reduce food loss with the philosophy of “bringing smiles from food.”

We also had Tsukihihime perform.

「Earth Day Tokyo @Yoyogi Park」outline
Date and time: April 13, 14, 2024
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Yoyogi Park (event plaza, keyaki avenue)
Exhibit details: A market featuring approximately 200 NPOs/NGOs, creators, and small brands rooted in nature. Live performances by artists who are both social and musical. An annual outdoor free festival that serves as a gateway to the various social issues that are happening right now!

[Organizer homepage quote]

The event, which was held over two days, featured many youth booths, booths selling environmentally friendly products, and booths where companies and organizations promoted and experienced their environmental efforts.


Over two days, GRAF, a general incorporated association, conducted an awareness survey. Approximately 120 people cooperated over the two days. thank you.
On the first day, the participants were asked to put stickers on words that they knew about environmental issues.
On the second day, we delved into the mysteries of eggs and taught about how to preserve them and we asked you to pick it up from the front.

Mr. Okano, vice representative director of GRAF, a general incorporated association, participated.

He has a strong passion for food, and says that eating is his greatest happiness!

I look forward to your future activities!



Organizer homepage https://earthday-tokyo.org/earthday2024/yoyogi/

Youth Eco General Incorporated Foundation homepage https://youth-eco.com

GRAF General Incorporated Association homepage (currently being updated) https://graf0523.com
Same Instagram https://www.instagram.com/graf.0fficial/

Tsukihihime http://luna-corporation.com

Report on the exchange meeting

It’s the season when hay fever gets especially bad.
How is everyone doing?

A event was held on March 17 at San San Lab Future.

The six presenters gave presentations on their areas of expertise, and the facilitators led each group in a discussion of the agenda that they had prepared in advance.

It would be difficult to imagine it in writing, so we will use the following photos to show you what we mean!

〜List of Themes and Speakers〜
(1)Speaker: Yuta Hozumi, "Invasive Species Conservation and Biodiversity" 
(2)Speaker: Manki, "Marine Pollution" 
(3)Speaker: Eiji Sanjo, "Organic Waste Converted into Fertilizer without Burning, About Rape Blossom Plan" 
(4)Speaker: Akira Fukasawa, "Upsetting, 3R, Recycling Waste, Nature Positive, and Waste Disposal" 
(5)Speaker: Yuto Sakihawa, "The Vacant House Problem"
(6)Speaker: Naoki Okano, "Food Issues"
Top Batter’s Presentation!
Yuta Hozumi

The gathering of people active in various fields led to a heated discussion!

At the end, we took a group photo!

Group photo

Next Event Announcement

We will be exhibiting and helping out at the Tamagawa Takashimaya event on March 23 and 24 (Saturday and Sunday).
If you are able to make it, please come and join us!

Date: March 23 (Sat.) and 24 (Sun.), 2024 
Place: Arena Salon, 1F, West Building, Tamagawa Takashimaya S-C
Supported by: Ministry of the Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment, Setagaya Ward, German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan