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Earth Day Tokyo @Yoyogi Park

It’s the season where you can feel the warmth of spring.

We exhibited at “Earth Day Tokyo 2024@Yoyogi Park”!

This time, we held a joint exhibition with GRAF, a general incorporated association.

GRAF, a general incorporated association, is an organization that works to reduce food loss with the philosophy of “bringing smiles from food.”

We also had Tsukihihime perform.

「Earth Day Tokyo @Yoyogi Park」outline
Date and time: April 13, 14, 2024
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Yoyogi Park (event plaza, keyaki avenue)
Exhibit details: A market featuring approximately 200 NPOs/NGOs, creators, and small brands rooted in nature. Live performances by artists who are both social and musical. An annual outdoor free festival that serves as a gateway to the various social issues that are happening right now!

[Organizer homepage quote]

The event, which was held over two days, featured many youth booths, booths selling environmentally friendly products, and booths where companies and organizations promoted and experienced their environmental efforts.


Over two days, GRAF, a general incorporated association, conducted an awareness survey. Approximately 120 people cooperated over the two days. thank you.
On the first day, the participants were asked to put stickers on words that they knew about environmental issues.
On the second day, we delved into the mysteries of eggs and taught about how to preserve them and we asked you to pick it up from the front.

Mr. Okano, vice representative director of GRAF, a general incorporated association, participated.

He has a strong passion for food, and says that eating is his greatest happiness!

I look forward to your future activities!



Organizer homepage https://earthday-tokyo.org/earthday2024/yoyogi/

Youth Eco General Incorporated Foundation homepage https://youth-eco.com

GRAF General Incorporated Association homepage (currently being updated) https://graf0523.com
Same Instagram https://www.instagram.com/graf.0fficial/

Tsukihihime http://luna-corporation.com

Youth Econet Members’ Networking Meeting

The first Youth Econet exchange meeting was held on October 19th! The guest speakers were Professor Ryoichi Yamamoto, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, and Mr. Tomoaki Nishihara, who introduced their books and told us various stories.

Since this is only the first time, the number of Youth and the number of observers are almost the same. As a result, it was difficult for the youth to speak up in the discussion, but we will try to make it easier for them to interact next time.

This time, we held an exchange meeting at the Bachelor’s Hall. We listened to Dr. Yamamoto’s lecture and had a light dinner while listening to Mr. Nishihara’s talk and having a discussion. This time, we mainly discussed the world’s stance on environmental issues and Japan’s attitude toward environmental problems.

This is only the first exchange meeting, so I hope to increase the number of people, themes, and topics in the future!


EcoPro 2019

It’s Yasu! The other day, I went to Eco Pro 2019!

EcoPro is an exhibition held for all stakeholders with the aim of solving environmental and social issues. At EcoPro, there are many events that can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to adults, and you can enjoy learning about environmental and social issues and corporate efforts to address them. I was impressed by the fact that each company is focusing on solving environmental and social issues, and that they are trying to solve environmental and social issues while growing steadily.

In addition, at each company’s booth, if you participated in quizzes and questionnaires, you could receive luxurious prizes! The photos show the prizes we received in one day. (The red cat and purple masking tape were purchased by myself, but other than that, it’s free!) )

This year’s EcoPro has come to an end, but don’t worry! EcoPro will be held again next year! EcoPro 2020 will be held on 11/26 (Thu) ~ 11/28 (Sat). This is an event that can be enjoyed by both those who are interested in environmental issues and those who are not, so please visit and use it as an opportunity to think carefully about the environment.

We will exhibit at EcoPro 2021!

Eco Pro 2021 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on December 8, 9, and 10 next week!
And Youth Econet will also exhibit Youth Eco Hiroba!
The location is right in front of the event stage (East Hall 3, 3-058).
At Youth Eco Hiroba, there will be a poster exhibition and table talk!
Please come and visit us!

*Pre-registration is required for admission.
Pre-registration URL: https://sdgs.nikkeineon.jp/registration

The first day of EcoPro 2021!

Today, December 8th, was the first day of EcoPro 2021!
I was nervous about whether customers would come to the booth, but I was happy to see so many people.
The poster exhibition was covered by elementary and junior high school students who had been visiting the exhibition since the morning as part of a field trip.
It seems that each group decided on a theme in advance and researched it, and I was nervous about whether I could properly answer all the questions that were asked.
We have also received a lot of comments on the place where we post our impressions of the booth!

In the first table talk, we talked about environmental activities and regional cooperation based on three case studies.
I learned a lot from the people who participated in the assignment by listening to their ideas that they would like to use as a reference for future activities.

In the second table talk, the committee members talked about environmental activities as the most fun and cool in the world.
I thought that it would be the best way to convey to the younger generation, who are not interested in the environment, and it would be a good starting point, and it was a story that I sympathized with from beginning to end.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow’s table talk workshops will also be attractive, so please come to booth 3-058 “Youth Eco Hiroba”!

(Table talk workshop schedule)

*Pre-registration is required for admission.
Pre-registration URL:https://sdgs.nikkeineon.jp/registration

The 3rd Youth Econet meetup will be held

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other! The world is restless, but how are you doing?
As the end of this fiscal year approaches, we have decided to hold the 3rd Youth Econet meetup!
We will rent the same 3×3 Lab Future as last year as the venue and will hold it on March 27th.

It is very different from the keynote speech & discussion format of the first and second sessions, and the third session focuses on communication between youth! It will be held in conjunction with Zoom. We are currently making steady preparations!

If you are interested, please contact us!

Lake Toya skill up camp

I’m sorry! This is a general foundation Youth Eco.
It’s time for the pandemic to settle down and the chill of the air stings your skin. How is everyone doing?
This time, we held a skill up camp at Lake Toya, Hokkaido for 2 days and 1 night (8/19-8/20)!
People from a wide range of generations, from 18 years old to adults, gathered from all over the country!

(Group photo taken from the mountain of the Forest of Life Project)

In addition, the YE Committee was held in parallel in a hybrid of online and offline using ZOOM.
By the way, the place where I stayed this time was Toya Retreat House!
In the evening, there are a variety of dishes using ingredients from Hokkaido! People from Niseko’s roadside station and farmers also participated, and we received very fresh and sweet vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, and melons.
In addition, there was a special lecture by Mr. Miura! When he was a high school student, he risked his life to escape the tsunami caused by the earthquake on Okushiri Island, and as an adult, he drove around the country with his car to hear about his mission from the lessons of the tsunami.

(At the beginning of the course, Mr. Miura wears a fox of Japan ham and sings a song enthusiastically)
(Group photo after the committee meeting)
(Mr. Miura tsunami picture-story show “Hurry to that slope”)

This time, under the guidance of Yoshiko Sakai, the founder of the “9,000-year-old Heisei Forest of Life Project”, trees were planted in a place rich in nature overlooking Lake Toya.

Since 2014, he has been involved in a wide range of activities in the mountains on the shores of Lake Toya, Hokkaido, such as “making pots of saplings from acorns,” “tree planting festivals,” and “forest care meetings.” It is said that about 15,000 kinds of saplings were planted with 24 types of saplings, such as Mizunara, horse chestnut, Ezoitaya maple, Oyamazakura, Ezo sakura, Kashiwa, chestnut, and Japanese maple, which are the main trees of Hokkaido.

This time, we planted a sapling pot “Mizunara” made from acorns with children in the courtyard of the Lake Toya Retreat House last fall!

(Trees were planted)

URL: 9,000 Years of Heisei Forest of Life Project Homepage

  Protecting Lives Miura-san Homepage

  Youth Eco Homepage

Shinshu skill up camp

The second camp will be held in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture!
I learned about forests with students from Shinshu University.

The second camp was held at Shinshu Oshiba Highlands, Nagano Prefecture for 2 days and 1 night (9/9-9/10)!
With the theme of forest conservation, what is the current state of forests in Japan?! It was a two-day event that emphasized seeing and learning about the real thing, using Ina City as an example. In addition, through interaction with local residents, the circle of youth eco has expanded!
On the first day, I introduced myself with excitement. I was able to listen to everyone’s activities, empathize with them, and learn new things.
For dinner, we had Shinshu’s specialties “Lomen” and “Sanzokuyaki”! Have you ever heard of “Lomen”? According to a student at Shinshu University, it is similar to yakisoba! All the participants were curious and ordered! My impression of the person writing this article was that the fried noodles had a lot of soup and the taste was a little thin.
The cottage I stayed at had a nice scent of wood and was refreshing as if I was spending time in the forest.
We held a YE committee meeting at the cottage. We mainly exhibited Eco Pro and lectured by Shinshu University.

(Lecture on plant dyeing by Shinshu University students)
(Group photo after the meeting)

It is said that the pigment can be extracted from the skin of the onion and dyed into cloth! Naturally, you can use the peel of onions, which would normally be discarded, to make naturally-derived dyes. In addition to onions, you can boil down what you want to dye with water to extract the pigment. Also, it seems that you can dye the cloth vividly by soaking it in lukewarm water! You can actually do it at home, so please give it a try!

On the second day, we went to the Citizen’s Forest (Masumigaoka Flatland Forest)! The Citizen’s Forest covers an area of about 68 hectares and is a rare flatland forest in Japan. More than 70% of the tree species in the citizen’s forest are red pines, and it is said that a mixed forest is formed by conifers such as mackerel and cypress, and broad-leaved trees such as cosiabra and quercus. In addition, it seems that it is preserved so that it can be passed onto future generations as a common property of citizens. I was able to hear the chirping of birds, which is rarely heard in the city, and I was able to have a valuable experience. The most surprising thing was the bio-toilet. It seems that human waste (excrement) can be decomposed by microorganisms in the soil.

(Citizen’s Forest)
(Citizen’s Forest (Azumaya))

The “15th Poppo City” was held at Hatobuki Park! There were flea markets selling cold drinks such as lemonade and coffee, unheated raw honey, and clothes and toys.

Photo source: Ina City website


URL: 信州大芝高原



EcoPro in Tokyo Big Sight

Recently, the weather has become even colder. Please take care of your physical condition!
By the way, we continued to exhibit at “Eco Pro” this year. This year, it was held over three days on weekdays (12/6~12/8). A wide range of people, including companies, government officials, university students, and local elementary, junior high, and high school students, exhibited and attended.
This year, too, we had a narrator by Yuei Ogata.
Mr. Ogata has sung at concert halls and festivals around the world, including Japan, and is an artist who connects people and things from all over the world with the power of song, transcending language, various cultures and religions!

(The person holding the guitar is Ms. Ogata)

The songs that I created with the audience using sign language felt as if I was sharing love and hope.

We asked the participants to write about three things: “the environmental activities I am doing”, “my impressions of the booth”, and “the environmental activities I will be working on in the future”! Some of them were from overseas!



Let’s continue to do our best to deepen horizontal relationships and enjoy environmental activities!

In addition, on Tuesday, December 19, the “NIKKEI Decarbonization Youth Dialogue Meeting” was held in Tokyo.



Environmental Plaza Sapporo 2019


Hello, I’m MHK_Studio!

On August 12 and 13, I participated in the Environmental Plaza Sapporo 2019 held at Sapporo Dome. This is the first time that we have worked outside as Youth Econet.

I was invited by Mr. Usui of Advacom to exhibit this time.

On 8/11, we prepared the day before from 14 o’clock. All I had to do was pick up the poster, put it up, and adjust the location of the desk and chair, but I feel like I took a lot of physical strength.
8/12 was a national holiday, so many people came to the event. The Youth Econet booth was also visited by a double-digit number of people who either went or not. However, there was still a low level of awareness, and people who were interested in the booth were able to get a lot of support, but those who were not very interested in it were not likely to see the inside of the booth.
Since 8/13 was a weekday, there were many visitors with children, and there were almost no people at Youth Econet, which is not very suitable for children. However, because it is related to Hokkaido, we asked the impersonator Pi Kotaro and the artist White Explosion, who appeared on the main stage, to visit the booth and leave a comment. With the help of people with publicity power, I thought that I would …the existence of Youth Econet, so I tweeted various things, and I got a lot of likes, so I think I was able to make it a little known. I really appreciated it!

Imitation comedian Pico Taro
Dear White Explosion (and Me)

Overall, I thought that there are still few people who want to support the activities of young people. Of course, if it is said that our efforts to attract customers were not enough, it would be until then, but there were many people who only glanced at the booth, and I felt a little lonely.

It was also a little disappointing that many of the exhibitors at the Environmental Plaza didn’t seem to have time to visit the other booths. (I was finally able to go around on the second day.) There are a lot of POV people who don’t have it, so I felt like I wanted them to get a lot of connections, information, and perspectives at that time, rather than just exhibiting.

I would like to participate in more and more other events like this without hesitation, and let as many people as possible know about this network.