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Youth Econet Committee August

Typhoon season has arrived.
Although it was raining today due to the typhoon, Nine committee members participated, including observers and online.The main theme is the use of the website.
Yes, as a result of the discussion, I am making this post.
In the future, I would like to actively disseminate information! I have heard that the members of the committee are also involved in various activities on a regular basis. I want to report on my activities here! Those who say that are welcome.
In addition, we plan to improve the contents of the homepage little by little in the future. I would be happy if you could notice what has changed…!
The committee meets once a month, and I feel that the conversation progresses faster when we talk in real time and think together than when we communicate only with text. I always think on the way home that we talked a lot today.

The topic that caught my attention today was how to start a committee. It tends to be a bit formal. I have to think about how to cut in to relieve everyone’s tension and make it easier to talk… If you have any great ideas, I’d love to hear from you. I’m excited to see what kind of committee will be next month!

The first day of EcoPro 2021!

Today, December 8th, was the first day of EcoPro 2021!
I was nervous about whether customers would come to the booth, but I was happy to see so many people.
The poster exhibition was covered by elementary and junior high school students who had been visiting the exhibition since the morning as part of a field trip.
It seems that each group decided on a theme in advance and researched it, and I was nervous about whether I could properly answer all the questions that were asked.
We have also received a lot of comments on the place where we post our impressions of the booth!

In the first table talk, we talked about environmental activities and regional cooperation based on three case studies.
I learned a lot from the people who participated in the assignment by listening to their ideas that they would like to use as a reference for future activities.

In the second table talk, the committee members talked about environmental activities as the most fun and cool in the world.
I thought that it would be the best way to convey to the younger generation, who are not interested in the environment, and it would be a good starting point, and it was a story that I sympathized with from beginning to end.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow’s table talk workshops will also be attractive, so please come to booth 3-058 “Youth Eco Hiroba”!

(Table talk workshop schedule)

*Pre-registration is required for admission.
Pre-registration URL:https://sdgs.nikkeineon.jp/registration

The 3rd Youth Econet meetup will be held

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other! The world is restless, but how are you doing?
As the end of this fiscal year approaches, we have decided to hold the 3rd Youth Econet meetup!
We will rent the same 3×3 Lab Future as last year as the venue and will hold it on March 27th.

It is very different from the keynote speech & discussion format of the first and second sessions, and the third session focuses on communication between youth! It will be held in conjunction with Zoom. We are currently making steady preparations!

If you are interested, please contact us!