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Environmental Plaza Sapporo 2019

Environmental Plaza Sapporo 2019


Hello, I’m MHK_Studio!

On August 12 and 13, I participated in the Environmental Plaza Sapporo 2019 held at Sapporo Dome. This is the first time that we have worked outside as Youth Econet.

I was invited by Mr. Usui of Advacom to exhibit this time.

On 8/11, we prepared the day before from 14 o’clock. All I had to do was pick up the poster, put it up, and adjust the location of the desk and chair, but I feel like I took a lot of physical strength.
8/12 was a national holiday, so many people came to the event. The Youth Econet booth was also visited by a double-digit number of people who either went or not. However, there was still a low level of awareness, and people who were interested in the booth were able to get a lot of support, but those who were not very interested in it were not likely to see the inside of the booth.
Since 8/13 was a weekday, there were many visitors with children, and there were almost no people at Youth Econet, which is not very suitable for children. However, because it is related to Hokkaido, we asked the impersonator Pi Kotaro and the artist White Explosion, who appeared on the main stage, to visit the booth and leave a comment. With the help of people with publicity power, I thought that I would …the existence of Youth Econet, so I tweeted various things, and I got a lot of likes, so I think I was able to make it a little known. I really appreciated it!

Imitation comedian Pico Taro
Dear White Explosion (and Me)

Overall, I thought that there are still few people who want to support the activities of young people. Of course, if it is said that our efforts to attract customers were not enough, it would be until then, but there were many people who only glanced at the booth, and I felt a little lonely.

It was also a little disappointing that many of the exhibitors at the Environmental Plaza didn’t seem to have time to visit the other booths. (I was finally able to go around on the second day.) There are a lot of POV people who don’t have it, so I felt like I wanted them to get a lot of connections, information, and perspectives at that time, rather than just exhibiting.

I would like to participate in more and more other events like this without hesitation, and let as many people as possible know about this network.


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