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Junior Eco Club National Festival

Junior Eco Club National Festival

It’s Yuni.

On Sunday, March 24th, “Children’s Eco Club National Festival 2019 – Shine: Future Earth Ranger” was held at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center!

We, the youth, also participated as a support for the children.

The youth members who participated this time were:

7 people. I served as the moderator as in the previous year.

This time, the moderator was a total of four people, including youth Mitchin and high school students of the Reverse River Children’s Eco Club.

The children, who were quiet at first, seemed to be relieved of their tension when they started playing games during the exchange time, and they had a great time. It looked like fun.

At the eco-activity session, I was impressed by the way they listened carefully to the presentations of the other clubs and asked questions. The sessions were longer than last year, so I think I was able to hear more club announcements.

In the past, I have often worked with university students, but this time I worked with high school students. They were very supportive of me for actively giving their opinions. Thank you!

More youth than the previous year supported us in guiding and reception. It was a pleasure to meet you! Let’s work together again!!

Children making colored paper

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