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Sea Forest Forestry Activities

It’s Yukki.

I have participated in the “Sea Forest Forestry Activity” sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric!

The “Sea Forest” is a place where trees and other trees are planted in places where garbage and soil are alternately reclaimed. It is also the venue for next year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Currently, it is not possible to enter freely, and it seems that the park will open after the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Since it was a competition venue, I couldn’t take pictures of the scenery.

A sea forest where many trees have already been planted. This time, I removed the undergrowth and trimmed the branches. At first, I could only see the trees along the road, but after the work, I could see the trees in the back.

The tree that was growing at the place where I worked is Sudajii. There were blue swallowtails flying around. After the work, we took a walk in the park, and there were birds eating cherries of the Oshima cherry. There are a lot of insects and animals on the artificially created island…! I wonder how I got here… Apple mint, kudzu, butterbur and hexagonal were also growing.

Together with everyone I worked with, I made a kaleidoscope of things growing in the park. The view of Tokyo from the hill is also beautiful. “Sea Forest” fun! I’m looking forward to the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the opening of the park.