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NIKKEI Youth Dialogue meeting project~Looking back at COP28~

NIKKEI Youth Dialogue meeting project~Looking back at COP28~

Hi all!
This time, I participated in the “NIKKEI Decarbonization Project Subcommittee (Youth Dialogue Meeting) ~ Looking Back on COP28 ~” at Tokyo Station Hotel Phoenix. The participants were Mr. Yuta Hozumi, Mr. Naoki Okano, and Mr. Uno the Secretary General!



Two youth representatives from Youth Econet, three from Climate Youth Japan(Youth Environmental NGOs), and companies participating in the project also participated.

We introduced our organizations and past activities, and discussed what youth think about COP28.

One of the most important topics was that “Japanese people are not involved in environmental activities.” There were several suggestions from the youth about the reasons why the percentage of Japanese people engaged in environmental activities is low compared to the rest of the world, and how to solve them. First of all, the reason was that there are many milestones in Japan, such as exams and employment, and there is no time to engage in environmental activities, and there are few opportunities to interact with them. As a solution, there was a proposal to set up an environmental activity group of the Japan branch in the government. I also thought it was very attractive and effective.

[The two man on the right are YouthEconet member]


Youth Econet will continue to focus on broad connections.
Thank you in advance!



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