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Mitsubishi Denki Outdoor Classroom @ Ichikawa Wild Bird Paradise

It’s Yukki.

I went to “Mitsubishi Denki Outdoor Class @ Ichikawa Wild Bird Paradise”!

Ichikawa Wild Bird Paradise is located in the Gyotoku Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary, and it is a place that you can’t usually enter. This time, I went there because I could go in and observe the creatures.

We were given loupes for observation, and a representative from Mitsubishi Electric explained the flora and fauna that inhabit the paradise for wild birds.

There were ladybirds eating aphids, and I had been wondering about the identity of the bubbles on plants for a long time. In fact, it seems that a member of the stink bug called Foxtail beetle lives inside. The foam is a surfactant, and it seems to have been produced by foxtail beetles… I learned a lot.

In addition, I learned how to distinguish between a himejoon and a haldion, and I tasted a strawberry and mulberry seed. Since it is an area that you cannot usually enter, you can eat it without hesitation because it will not be trampled by something or sprayed with chemicals…! By the way, the Yabu snake strawberries were tasteless. Mulberry berries are very tasty.

I also encountered a red-tailed cod sucking nectar from the trees. I’m trying hard to suck the nectar, and even if I go quite close and hold the camera, I don’t run away at all … I was able to take a picture easily.

On the day of the event, the temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius, and it was quite hot, but it was fun to be able to observe it quite carefully while taking a tea break.

Sea Forest Forestry Activities

It’s Yukki.

I have participated in the “Sea Forest Forestry Activity” sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric!

The “Sea Forest” is a place where trees and other trees are planted in places where garbage and soil are alternately reclaimed. It is also the venue for next year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Currently, it is not possible to enter freely, and it seems that the park will open after the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Since it was a competition venue, I couldn’t take pictures of the scenery.

A sea forest where many trees have already been planted. This time, I removed the undergrowth and trimmed the branches. At first, I could only see the trees along the road, but after the work, I could see the trees in the back.

The tree that was growing at the place where I worked is Sudajii. There were blue swallowtails flying around. After the work, we took a walk in the park, and there were birds eating cherries of the Oshima cherry. There are a lot of insects and animals on the artificially created island…! I wonder how I got here… Apple mint, kudzu, butterbur and hexagonal were also growing.

Together with everyone I worked with, I made a kaleidoscope of things growing in the park. The view of Tokyo from the hill is also beautiful. “Sea Forest” fun! I’m looking forward to the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the opening of the park.

National Youth Environmental Activity Presentation Contest

It’s Yukki.

We visited the National Youth Environmental Activity Presentation Contest.

I wonder if the Youth Committee member Michin reported to COP21 at the first meeting? This was the first time I went to see it.

Straws and PET bottles were not allowed, printed materials were minimal, and only pamphlets with participating schools were listed, making it eco-friendly among the environment-related events I have participated in so far. Every time I go to an environmental event, I am given a large number of pamphlets (what is eco…) That’s what I was thinking.

High school students from 16 schools from all over the country who were selected through regional competitions gave presentations. I was particularly interested in the story of the honeybee and the story of Ramsar. Most of them seemed to be talking in line with the SDGs.

All of the schools are good at presenting. Listening to their activities, I was impressed by their ability and trust to involve the community. It was wonderful to have the ability to respond flexibly while noticing problems and making predictions.

It was very good, so I didn’t want it to be completed just by outputting the activity. Since you have the footwork to give presentations overseas and go to fieldwork, I thought it would be nice to exchange contact information with the people on the team who were making the presentations you were interested in, and even if you couldn’t meet them, you should keep in touch and share your opinions. They are doing something good for the environment and the community in which they are working, so I felt that I would like them to cooperate beyond the boundaries of the participating schools and take on various challenges.